The Dingus Files - Monday , July 16 , 2001


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Update 7.12.01
I was having problems with the archive pages and I just checked they should be working now.
* Akari *

I fixed all the links that reeked of brokenosity.

Yay! For a Couple of days Keenspace wouldn't let me get in to my ftp, now I'm back yay! I was finally able to upload the new pages. I fixed them so they can load faster and the dudes using the AOL browser can see 'em. Enjoy!

OK, I can quit my whining now because I bought the GC CD. Aren't I interesting? 7.7.01
Wow. . .I need the Good Charlotte CD. If you are interested in buying me the CD just e-mail, j/k. I just keep hearing awesome stuff from Good Charlotte. I've heard 4 songs from them and they all kick so much @$$. They must be one of those bands that never played a song I don't like, example: New Found Glory. On the other hand there are bands that just suck. Who else agrees that it should be against the law for Dave Matthews to sing? Are you with me?! Yeah!


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